To give him oral sex
I was just wondering if you top off ?
by BlackDiamondz April 7, 2006
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After cumming in a girl's or guy's butthole, you pee in it.
I fucked this girl in the ass last night and after I busted in her butthole, she asked me for a top off, so I peed in her butt.
by vinny vega December 12, 2006
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as an inside joke at a wedding by the best man: "when times are hard, you've always been there to top me off"

as an inside joke when filling people's beer cups at a party with a pitcher, filled up from the keg: "anyone need a top off?"

when you actually poop in someone else's butt
by meaty hand man August 5, 2008
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1.When a female gives oral stimulation to her partner. 2. The art of sucking dick.
Ayo man I was eatin a steak n cheese sandwich and gettin topped off at the same time....that shyt was heaven
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(v.) to add additional gasoline to the gas tank even though the gas tank container is full. People do it to get the most bang for their buck, to have more gas in their car. This action can be dangerous and it is prohibited by most gas stations. Most gas station attendants do it anyway to sell more petroleum.
"No topping Off at my station" says the automotive saftey expert.
by T-Dog Jenkins May 2, 2005
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The art of diverting a peer/co-worker's attention away from you while you quickily remove your shirt, catching them off-guard when they look back. The more people you "top off", the cooler you become.
(insert name) said the copy machine was out of paper. I grabbed a stack off the shelf behind me and when I turned back around his shirt was off! I cannot believe I got "topped off" again this week!!!
by G-Magic22 April 2, 2011
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