a new addition to the world of drinking games. bad news only 2 people participate at a time, good news is you'll be wasted drunk after a good number of haircuts. one person will sit down on a chair, and the "barber" will place a towel over your body, like you're actually in a barbershop getting a real haircut. the person sitting down will lay their head back getting ready for the haircut, the barber will then pour a chaser into the their mouth and you will hold it it in your mouth, then the barber will pour liquor (no weak shit either) into your mouth until it is full. you then swallow, get your towel brushed off, and you will stand up satisfied knowing you just had a really nice haircut.
Me and my friend Ray at a party, getting smacked drinkin vlady and MD, while playin pong.
Me: wow, my hair is starting to get stupid long
Ray: don't worry, i can set you up with a appointment after we hit this last cup.
Me: what do you mean? im not lettin you cut my hair, youre sauced.
Ray: well are you tryin to get fuckin wasted as shit? or complain about your gay ass hair the rest of the night?
Me: .. wasted.
Ray: then you are ready for the haircut my friend (he says while hittin last cup at 11 o clock)
Me: im not just ready, im fuckin ready
Ray: well im glad you said that, why dont you sit down and ill set you up with your 11 o clock appointment.
by Nighthawk 82 April 25, 2011
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a homosexual woman's haircut, ie.. mullet
Ole girl has the haircut.
by j crench September 14, 2007
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a drinking act involving:
- two people
- alchohol
- energy drink or gatorade

one person tilts their head back and closes their throat. the other person then pours small amount of energy drink, large amount of alchohol, and small amount of energy drink in that order. the drinker then tilts their head up and swallows the drink simultaneously. this is done for two reasons: you dont feel it going down no matter the alchohol percent and it gets you very drunk very fast.
"dude i had like 8 haircuts last night of red bull and smirnoff and i woke up in a football field naked with a sock on my dick."
by bigmaxx23 July 11, 2008
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A reduction in pay or loss of money.
During the divorce, she gave him a good haircut.
by Jason Ward January 11, 2005
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when your haircut turns out to be way gorgeous and/or amazing
gus went in to get a haircut, but when i saw him i was like "OMG HE GOT A HAIRCUTE"
by doylerofl March 28, 2008
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I'm getting an emo side fringed cut today. woot woot.
by the_end_is_nigh (myspace) August 2, 2005
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(1) obnoxiously trendy scene kid with bangs that cover his or her eyes

(2) ob"scene" individual with ridiculously cut and teased hair

synonym: whitebelt
i guess Whiskey Bar is the new place to be; there were so many haircuts making out with whitebelts last Thursday it wasn't even worth the $1 wells.
by melissa and jordan March 20, 2006
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