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Word used in the movie Office Space by Michael to describe the world of horror they will soon be in when the company finds out about their money stealing scheme gone-wrong.
"I herby sentence you to five years in Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison."
by Joshie G. April 27, 2010
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The proven theory that the drummer is always the first one to die no matter the condition of the band or its members. This is parodied in the 1984 film, "This is Spinal Tap", in the which one of their drummers simply "exploded" on stage Well known drummers that have succumbed to this include Keith Moon of The Who,John Bonham of Led Zeppelin, and The Rev of Avenged Sevenfold
"Dude, another fucking drummer just died, what the hell do you blame this on?"

Me: Drummer Death Theory....
by Joshie G. April 28, 2010
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(noun) Refers to the unmistakeable urge to to take an explosive shit after ones participation in a running related athletic activity, such as cross country or track. Usually amplified by consuming large amounts of food or water
After completing the marathon, Matt had a bad case of runners bowels and dashed to the nearest port a potty.
by Joshie G. April 23, 2010
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From the 2009 movie of the same name.

A psychological condition brought on by extended periods of deep-space travel and hyper-sleep.

Symptoms include severe paranoia, vivid hallucinations and homicidal tendencies.
Oh, Pandorum, Pandorum isn't what they warned us about. It's frightening at first, terrible in fact, isn't that what your feeling right now, a terrible fever, let go! And on the other side is divine clarity, enlightment...
by Joshie G. October 2, 2010
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Another term for taking a seat on something, such as a stool, chair, toilet. It can also be used when describing a huge dump that has just been taken.
"Why don't you pop a squat right here so we can talk?"

"Dang, I just popped a squat on the can, don't step in there for a year!"
by Joshie G. May 7, 2010
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Short, poetic like inscriptions scribbled with sharpie marker on bathrooms stalls/walls, that are appropriately of toilet humor nature. Bathroom poetry can be found in the restroom facilities of gas stations, campgrounds, bus depots, schools and airports, with the most original works done by the cleverest of bathroom patrons. Great for something to read while pinching one off.
Bathroom Poetry:

"Here i sit, so broken hearted, paid a dime, but only farted."

"Some come here to read the walls, I come here to jiggle
my balls."
by Joshie G. April 23, 2010
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Perhaps the greatest invention ever, this nifty device allows you to wash your ass after usage of the toilet. It's a common fixture in European countries(and I wish in the US) . Basicially, it works by you sitting on the top after doing your business, followed by turning on the water flow and washing, and afterwards, pat your clean behind dry with some TP. No muss, no fuss.
My hotel in Spain had a bidet and a toilet in the bathroom
by Joshie G. April 25, 2010
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