When you're camping and you need to pee but there isnt any actual toilets so you must squat in the woods.
Katie: OMG i have to pee soooo bad but i dont know if i should go in the lake or the bushes

Jess and Kellie (singing to the tune of row row row your boat): Katie has to pee, but cant make up her mind! she had better pop a squat, or we'll leave her behind!
by Troop 129 August 11, 2005
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to take a seat; to squat down; to hover over the ground to piss or shit
Lemme pop a squat on this couch.
I'ma pop a squat so I can enjoy this view.
I'm gonna go pop a squat on the other side of the boulder.
by Bug Eatin Steve February 23, 2011
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What a group of girls must do when getting drunk in the woods and a bathroom is nowhere to be found.
"I gotta pee!"
"Me too!"
"Ok, let's pop-a-squat behind that tree."
by Stranger Danger August 07, 2005
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to urinate outdoors, for females only
"Come outside with me, the line for the bathroom is too long... I need to pop a squat..."

"Ewwww, Barb popped a squat in her wedding dress!" lol
by spmfcb February 23, 2011
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