133 definitions by Jonathan

a term describing a girl with no boobs. very offense in most cases
hey tracy your flat a board! When you gunna start looking good? you ugly!
by jonathan July 12, 2005
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Refers to someone that is either full of themself, dumb, or immature. It can also be used to describe a situation where someone has treated someone else poorly.
"Man, those chicks are so lo budg!"

"Dude, theres no reason for that. That's just lo budg"
by Jonathan February 21, 2005
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An area, typically an establishment, where people so weird they'd be turned down by the circus gather and attempt to socialize.
I wouldn't go to that bar if they were handing out free beer! It's a freak den!

Man, Harvard Square is such a free den.
by Jonathan January 13, 2005
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A silverhootowl is a game old bird, mostly found in the backwoods of Missouri. They are known for their distinctive call. The only way to catch them is to clamp down on their muffler, which stops them dragging on the road. They have been seen as far afield as California and they fly to Hot Springs once a year for hibernation purposes.
Wow! Was that a silverhootowl that he saw? Yes it was, the distinctive muffler could be seen.
by Jonathan June 22, 2004
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Used as a comeback...
so what did you and your date wear to sadies?

I wore your mom...actually i kinda wore her out....
by Jonathan April 20, 2004
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A police hellicopter. See also ghetto bird.
Effin' whirly pigs keepin' me up at night.
by Jonathan April 10, 2004
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Orderly and neat in appearance or procedure, use so because a knit item is securely interwoven and tight.
Dude, The parents are coming over, make sure the apartment is on the knit-knit. I think I left a roach next to the tub.
by Jonathan January 13, 2005
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