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A derogatory term used to refer to those of Asian descent. More accurately, it tends to refer to anybody with slanted eyes.
Japan's full of slants. And they all make more money than me.
by T-dizzle October 26, 2003
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Slants or epicanthic fold or epicanthal fold or epicanthus is a skin fold of the upper eyelid, covering the inner corner of the eye.

European ethnic groups that tend to have epicanthus relatively frequently are Scandinavians, Poles, Germans, the Irish and British.

Note: funny in its irony that whiteys make slants an Asian trait when Europeans have it too.
Student: "Why do they call slants an Asian eye trait when white people have it too like Scandinavians, Germans, British, Irish?"

Master: "Because they are too stupid and ignorant, literally. They don't know when they're insulting themselves. An educated person would know Europeans have slants too."
by Fat Pink American October 04, 2012
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an emo or scene hairstyle on a guy in which their hair is cut at an angle across their face, normally covering their eye.
Person 1: that guys hair is so gay

Person 2: i know he's got the slant going on, i don't know how he can even see.
by heather-con-con June 04, 2009
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:Verb: To hit someone once so hard their vision goes blurry and they see in doubles.
I'm about to slant your ass.

Bitch you don't want to catch a slant.
by Hoodgongetit May 13, 2015
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The state of intoxication. When one has his/her slant "on," that person is satisfyingly drunk.
"Aww, so I had my slant on. Lay off me."
by themiddlecat February 02, 2010
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