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To touch everything in the room while indicating that one is ironically spreading germs.
Note: NBA center Rudy Gobert during March 9, 2020 post-game interview. Rudy Gobert was Rudying many items in the room during his post-game interview session and was subsequentially diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus two days later.
by Jon March 12, 2020
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A) Team in California ran by the three point shooting of Peja Stojakovic!

B) Team in which will never get to the nba championship.
Stojakovic hits the game winning three for the Sacramento Kings....
by Jon July 27, 2004
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Whoever Says Saturn Cars Aren’t Cool Must Drive A Piece Of Crap Ford.
by Jon March 15, 2005
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Please bear with my predetermined definition according to your pathetic beliefs of reality, which aren't really yours, but are what you have been taught by every moment you exist in this tragic reality, whoever you may be.

The church of today and the church of yesterday are two very different churches, first of all the church of today is a building filled with morons, secondly, the morons aren't just stupid, fearful people, but they are people who either were brought up to believe what they do, or are on some path to 'enlightenment' of which I would say the whole world is looking for. The church of yesterday was a group of people who were given the oppertunity to see and feel the reality of the faith that had been given to them, they were real people with real problems and were given real hope.

Now to all you who are of misunderstanding, the world of today is filled will all lies and hypocrasy, of all men, wether they be christian, or religious or worldly, it is fact that all men seek there own good. Religion of today is mans own good, just as a space ship going off to mars is, now both of these things have positive and negetive relationships, for example, if humans could have some damn patience, maybe we could help people with needs, we could teach people what we know, instead of trying to be all cool, children in other countries could have food, clean water, and our space ships could wait, or is the media the real religion? so who is deceived here? everyone, and you all lie to each other with a truth, you all need to give reality a close up, shut up and do something with your money instead of being led to buy things because you fear your every desire, and that commercial on tv bought your next move, and you who speak much scripture and have no understanding, shut up, no one wants to hear it, why? because we've heard it all before, the only thing man kind needs is to love, money and all our needs will be met, that is if we stop screaming out loud how 'smart' we are and actually prove we are in action.

The bible says that pure religion is taking care of the widows and the fatherless, so if your a good person, and you help those in need, you have pure religion, the definition of religion is only what you want it to be, but that doesn't excuse what it is, behind the truth of your own wants.

Ok, thats about enough rambling, I could go on forever, but it seems eternity is isn't for this pathetic human existence, so I shall make my exit.
"I never knew the pope is a lier?" "neither did I, but it seems we all lie and cheat each other, so we are all fools, but wait that isn't positive thinking! babal-on ramble ramble ramble"
by Jon January 06, 2004
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Republican opposition to stem cell research, their call for amending the constitution because of gay marrige, their hostility to Roe v. Wade, and their pandering in the Schiavo case are all explained by the fact that Republicans have become the political arm of Christian conservatives
by Jon April 02, 2005
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a resphidiouso is someone with the last name curtis and is pro at just about everything they do. this person is more pro than any of the other pros though so he can not be fucked with. often times this person drives a blue 88 dodge caravan.
damn that bitch is such a resphidiouso
by Jon April 08, 2004
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A Strongbadien term. to have revengeance to the full degree
Strong mad will have revengeancefull on the tire
by Jon September 26, 2003
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