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a really big sandwich. with a lot of meat.

bread, cheese, ham, tomato, fried chicken, one piece of lettuce, turkey, pastrami, cheese, bread, cheese, tuna, salami, mustard, egg salad, bacon (if available), onion, cheese, bread. among other things.
i ate a tranwich the other day for lunch and there was enough meat in there to make a vegetarian jump in front of a bus.
by Jon October 28, 2004
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1) To totally flip out on somebody in a cool way. Sometimes accompanied by a Shilelah
OMG, Jon just ROW SHAM BOW'd that kid with his SHILELAH
by Jon August 18, 2004
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To touch everything in the room while indicating that one is ironically spreading germs.
Note: NBA center Rudy Gobert during March 9, 2020 post-game interview. Rudy Gobert was Rudying many items in the room during his post-game interview session and was subsequentially diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus two days later.
by Jon March 12, 2020
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A) Team in California ran by the three point shooting of Peja Stojakovic!

B) Team in which will never get to the nba championship.
Stojakovic hits the game winning three for the Sacramento Kings....
by Jon July 27, 2004
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Whoever Says Saturn Cars Aren’t Cool Must Drive A Piece Of Crap Ford.
by Jon March 15, 2005
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noun - someone who likes it in the backdoor usually very often
Joey is a taker, he loves getting it in the butt
by Jon November 11, 2003
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I was fighting Corey and he was so hurt he needed to stop. So he tapped out.
by Jon December 08, 2004
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