1. Noun: An unimagineably alluring entity.
Adjective: Describing beauty in an uncomprehensible amount.

2. A generic brand of cigarettes. GPC = Generic Packet of Cigarettes.

3. A slang term used in parts of Australia for 'getting tail'.
1. Noun: "I'm in awe of that GPC."
Adjective: "That's.. it's so GPC!"
2. "Get me some GPC from the store."
3. "Yo, let's GPC at the clubs tonight!"
by Comrade of the Yukon May 13, 2010
JJ-"Hey man did you say Nate's cock in the locker room today?"
Matt-"Yeah dude its so fuckin thick."
JJ-"Seriously. That's one imposing GPC."
by Hank Paradise December 17, 2010
Great Patriots Collapse (GPC)... January 21st, 2007, the date the New England Patriots, coached by Bill Belichick and quarterbacked by Tom Brady, blew a margin of 18 points and gave up 32 second-half points to their hated conference rivals, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts. This date will be remembered as one the world saw Bob Kraft with his support hose flapping in the wind. GPC, baby.
1) Happy GPC to all, and to all a good night!

2) Honey, have your nice lingerie on when I get home, I'm in a GPC kind of mood.
by abyzmul January 22, 2007
Grogan personal call. The art of spending most of the work day on the phone with your wife, who's side you never leave outside of work.
Not only does Frank go shopping every night, he also spends most of the day on Grogan Personal calls.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
Gangsta Pimpin' Collision. Tearin' up the mean streets of Kirkland, Washington
GPC for life, nigga'!
by Jon April 21, 2005
Cigarettes, or the "Gangster Pearl Cigarette". Very cheap pack of cigarettes, preferred in the "hood" over Newport's or Kools.
Rizzle: "Yo man, you got any smokes?"

Jizzle: "Yeah man, I got that gpc, they cost me like 2 bucks a pack!"
by Aaron T sr. October 20, 2007