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Sorry for all of you who blindly chose the name without a knowledge of its origins especially for you zany. Zany or Zani was the name given to a broad band of characters in the 15th century italian style of theater comedia del arte. The zanies were a group of clown like or jester like people who would preform acrobatics and act as the most crazy in the group.
person one: Did you see the trick that zany just did that was amazing
Person two: Who would have thought a person would do a tripple backflip and land on a cactus
by WolfMeygn June 20, 2004
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An out-of-fashion word for wacky and individualistic. Most zany things are out of fashion now too.
She's a zany gal who loves wearing psychadelic shirts and ethnic beads.
by Xaviana December 01, 2003
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"The Zanes" or "Zanies", a term that originated around the Seattle area. "Zanies" are vapid, superficial young people that are often close-minded and stereotypical, caring about little beyond status and their appearance. Very rich people who care only about money and material things are also called "Zanies". Many Zanes are not malicious, but are always very ignorant.

The saying "Nuke the Zanes!" is a reference to the Zanies, usually used by people who don't approve of the Zany lifestyle.
I grew up in Bellevue, there's nothing but Zanies over there, unlike Seattle.
by GhostHorseandStillborn August 12, 2010
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A once cool word that was killed because it was over-commercialized, much like extreme except for the fact that the word extreme is totally shitty.
I sometimes let zany slip from time to time, i say it in a surfer dude voice like "Wow! What a zany guy" but mostly I use it sarcastically, by that I mean I say that Richard Nixon is zany. Nixon actually was a thieving, Cheneyesque, monster. Maybe some day zany will make a big comeback, most likely from the streets of Jamaica Queens.
"Wow! what a zany guy!"
by Luke Johnson, Billionare February 23, 2005
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A lifestyle, an attitude, a mindset, a movement. The moment in which you don't understand zany is the moment in which you truly understand zany. Not to be confused with the drug Xanax.
Dude 1: I'm so mad. I think I'm the only one who doesn't know what "zany" means
Dude 2: Thats it. Now you understand what zany is.
by mikeymikay January 24, 2019
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A word put in as a warning that the person, movie or act it is attached to will be totally and completely unfunny.
"The Zany Adventures of Robin Hood, what's on the other channel?"
by Container October 12, 2003
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