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by Jon November 12, 2003
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The Recording Industry Association of American. A bunch of useless twunts who will be first against the wall when the post-scarcity revolution comes.
Fuck the RIAA.
by Jon February 22, 2003
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Mythical creature. Descendant of the "Eslinge". Ribidibs look like humans, they can be identified by their preferences for singing, dancing, music, sometimes scurrile behaviour and absurd fantasy. They have an affectation for swampland, reed and lakes.
Ein Ribidib am Ufer sass, jaja so war das.
by Jon October 29, 2003
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A rog0r is a word used to descibe an act of homosexuality.
Oh my goh Bruce was caught rog0ring Lance.
by Jon October 10, 2003
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1) To totally flip out on somebody in a cool way. Sometimes accompanied by a Shilelah
OMG, Jon just ROW SHAM BOW'd that kid with his SHILELAH
by Jon August 18, 2004
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Someone who is unable to comprehend the slightest facts because he has a heavy "de-liberalizer" filter on his monitor.

Blindly worships anything conservative and republican, and uses ah homenien attacks to defend himself.
Jon: So I'm not happy with the current government.
MxSlicer: Shut up your P**** FA*
Another Conservative: Shup Up Mxslicer, your making your party look bad.
by Jon April 17, 2005
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