Present participle of Tear; To rip apart, to shred in to little bits.
When you stick it in Andi's ass, you don't have to worry about tearin' it up. That chasm of a butthole is already streched all to hell!
by ElBorracho February 24, 2005
used to describe someone/something that's not as good as they used to be
Dude Mariah Carey's voice is tearin'. She sounded like a horse trying to hit those high notes.
by htsauno October 28, 2018
sexy awesome totally lovable.
Everyone loves her. Such a nice person and is really cool. Epic.
Dude: did u see that girl.
Guy: she was such a tearin.
by mtrencher103 September 28, 2011
the art of being over 50 and trying to copulate with as many women as possible at a creepy hedonism resort.
I like to go to the hedonism resort for two reasons, the wild women and the rippin and the tearin.
by bwricci August 2, 2010
The activity most likely to bring a mid-50s swinger with severe Cocaine Jaw to Hedonism 40 times; implies a savagery to vaginas, but is unclear on that point.
"What brings you to Hedonism that many times? That many times? That many times?

"The wild women, women, the rippin' and the tearin'.
by XtopherElecbomb January 29, 2012
To be incredibly engaged in something to the point where you become almost obsessed or ravenous. This can apply to but is not limited to winning at a game, engaging in sex or eating a pizza.
Wow Billy sure is into that pizza. He is really tearin' it up.
by Digitotialis August 2, 2007
A term for when two homosexual partake in anal sex with no lubrication

Derives from the fact that there is a lot of rip and tear in gay fuckin'
My ass still hurts from Tyler tearin' flesh with me last night
by Ihgs24/7 March 30, 2022