58 definitions by Johnson

A huge spectators sports in which girls jump up and down and grunt in skin-tight clothes.
I like watching women's tennis.
by Johnson October 19, 2003
being hardheaded and not listening to your employees who know more about your fucking product than you do.
A. Nudd is fucking mydocin' hardcore.
by Johnson September 11, 2003
Man i've got to go get some shat from the adult section in the back.
by Johnson November 15, 2003
A gangster who never prospers or makes money; especially one that fronts.
You got yo' ass in jail AGAIN?! Damn, boy, you a wankster.
by Johnson February 19, 2003
that delacruz is a real ass monkey. he can really plow the pudding
by Johnson February 3, 2003
Um...no it doesn't.
"Microsoft Works is the world's greatest oxymoron."
by Johnson December 19, 2003