59 definitions by Johnson

rich person sport played in water
I like to play water polo
by JOHNSON October 16, 2003
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An alien, snob wannabe...a.k.a. LOSER. An inconsiderate loser who has nothing better to do then brag and boast about a piece of crap gameboy advance..that isnt even SP. Also commonly refered to as...Tha Thanksgiving Basher.
"this is a very rare device",said Jason
"stop being such a damn Nilesh jay" says john
by Johnson January 27, 2004
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Duck Billed Platupus.
person 1: 'Dude can i tell u something ive never told anyone before?'
person 2: 'Ya man go ahead.'
person 1: 'When i get lonely I go to Gerald my pet DBP and make sex with it.'
person 2: 'Get the fuck away from me.'
by johnson September 03, 2004
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