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58 definitions by JOHNSON

A soundwave caused by lightning rapidly heating the air and exploding.
Fred heard thunder and said, "whooaooaoaoaoo you lose"
by JOHNSON October 31, 2003
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A person who constantly stares at nothing in particular, a practice also known as "spacing".
"For God's sake Scrimmy, will you stop spacing!!!"
"...........I'm not.............."
by JOHNSON December 19, 2003
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Man i've got to go get some shat from the adult section in the back.
by JOHNSON November 15, 2003
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The entire, the whole; the whole part of. the whole enchilada
If I win, I get the whole shebang.
by JOHNSON October 19, 2003
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A British leisure game similar to billiards (invented before billiards) where you try to hit each colored ball into one of the six pockets.
Snooker is a pretty fun game to play.
by JOHNSON October 17, 2003
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