Ayoh, it's Balmer, huns. >_>
I live in Balmer, Murland and there was a big far down on Norf Abnoo sao the far injuns put it aoyt.
by Johnson March 6, 2003
how the real baltimorons pronounce Baltimore...dont they kno theres a "t" in it??
lets go to Balmore!!
by wouldnt u like to know February 20, 2003
balmore (noun): a boy who has a very high view of himself. when asked what eye color is the prettiest, he says,"brown because it's the color of my eyes".

balmore (adjective): equivalent of a human disposal
noun: "wow balmore is in the bathroom checking himself out again"
adjective: "yo you wanna take the balmore hit" (referring to the very very very last hit of anything)
by nennyyyyyyyyy January 22, 2018
a woman from the baltimore/annapolis/egdewater,MD area,who wears tight, out of style, leggings- also referred to as "balmore huns,"and has the edgewater(white trashy) way of life
c'mon honey! get your balmore huns on, we're goin to da ocean!
by anadama December 31, 2005