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Since the 1970s, this was driving a car with wide tires in the centerlane after a snow storm. The centerlane was usually not plowed. This resulted in slush being sprayed into the oncoming traffic.
We went slushing in the delta last night.

I tried going slushing in a honda but the tires weren't wide enough to do any good.

by Joe Iron March 24, 2008

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Meaning a car that is big and fast. This term is a reference to the discontinued Oldsmobile Delta 88. The Delta was the last of the family-size musclecars like the Impala SS 409 and the Pontiac Catalina Super Duty 421 of the early sixties. The legendary Delta was known for its rocket engine. The most powerful was the Rocket 455 4 barrel.
I just put a blower on my Lincoln Town Car, its a Delta now.

That Bentley is a Delta.

I got a Delta, let's go carting.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007

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A prophet or mentor to young males. Typically a male a few years older than the youth he mentors. Usually, he has his own place, a "real job" and a live-in girlfreind.
Kids today have MTV to show them how to be men, all we had was Imam and Buddy.
by Joe Iron May 20, 2007

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A nickname for Whiting, Indiana, typically used by residents of Northwestern Indiana usually in their 60s and 70s. The nickname is believed to orginate with Whiting's orginal name Chelshire. Chelshire was renamed to Whiting in the 1890s but the nickname stuck.
Hey, let's go to the Shire.

by Joe Iron May 18, 2007

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A nickname used by the adults in the late 1970s regarding groups of teenage males who prowled the streets of Whiting, Indiana and the East side of Chicago in Oldsmobile Delta 88s.
I ran off the Delta Force.
by Joe Iron June 21, 2007

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