What stupid people think computers are made of.
Wow, you build computers? You mean you build the mainframe and everything?

My computer doesn't work, I think there's something wrong with the mainframe.
by bomber991 April 20, 2007
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to mainframe something; to with or without your own knowledge kill vital parts off your system
fuck i just mainframed my box trying to run startx via ssh
by adamus1red January 22, 2011
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uber-technical term used by shyster versign when describing docking stations.
by av March 1, 2005
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A message board with around 40 members run by a smelly, mysterious, man who hates FG.
"Mainframe A is owned by a guy who hates FG."
by PenalMaster March 3, 2005
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The big boy computer in the middle of a bunch of servers 'n stuff. great for hacking.
by SevenfoldBuckwheat October 24, 2019
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Wow, the Mainframe kicked my ass.
by Post January 8, 2005
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smacking random buttons on your keyboard so it sound like your doing something really cool, and not looking while you do it.
hey are you smaking buttons on a keyboard? "no, im hacking the mainframe"
by Wild-goat-cheese February 19, 2010
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