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This definition dating from the jazz age is a house on the major street where all the action is. People living there would near fine restaurants, live music and nightclubs. Out your window you would see people wearing their sunday best as they walked down the boulevard.
Life was never better than when we lived at the boulevard house.

One thing I miss about the boulevard house is looking out the window and seeing all those people dressed to the nines.
by Joe Iron February 23, 2008
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A number that is a 1 with a googolplex of 0s behind it.
I just got my credit card bill, holy shit it's almost a doublegoogol.
by Joe Iron February 10, 2008
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An IBM mainframe operating system. Sort of like a dying language, in use but dying a long slow death.

Also means a dinosaur.

Nothing sadder than an old MVS guy still looking for a gig.

That guy working behind the counter at McDonalds is an old MVS guy.
by Joe Iron January 20, 2008
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A homeless man who sat in the corner booth of the white castles at the intersection of 119th Street and Indianapolis Blvd in Whiting, IN from the 1970s to 1990s. Do to its proximity to Chicago, during the 1930s this intersection was one of the busiest intersections in the country. There was once the architectural landmark of the Illiana Hotel but it was demolished during the early 90s. The only remenant of its long vibrant history is aforementioned White Castles
I saw The Guardian of the Center of the Universe, he sure got old.

I heard The Guardian of the Center of the Universe used to work in a steel mill.

I heard the Guardian of the Center of the Universe died.
by Joe Iron January 20, 2008
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A nickname for beer that is drunk before you drive.
Give me some travel juice, I got a long drive home.
by Joe Iron July 04, 2007
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A nickname for Whiting, Indiana predominently used by the rest of Lake County and Chicago. The nickname orginated in the 1960s when the counterculture youth of the area were expressing their feelings of displeasure to the amount of religous zealotry in the town. This was evident to the counterculure by the number of churches that dotted the skyline.
Hey, let's go to Heaven and celebrate the 4th of July there.
by Joe Iron June 07, 2007
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A martial artist without any tan at all, very pale. Unlike many people who workout in gyms or health clubs, who are usually tan. Someone who is spending all there time in the dojo training and not going out in the sun. Usually a serious martial artist.
Bob's pretty serious about getting his blackbelt, he's got a dojo tan.
by Joe Iron May 04, 2007
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