256 definition by Jesus

Statement indicating that one person is superior by undisclosed means to another. Often used to stop moments of awkward silence.
I play baseball; I'm better than you.
by Jesus August 05, 2003

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the wood trim in a car
"wood grain on the dash"
by Jesus November 26, 2003

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a sarcastic answer to anything that you have to do or something that doesn't sound fun.

also can be used when you just don't give a damn about something and want to use sarcasm.
Idiot 1: I'm leaving.
Idiot 2: Yippy skippy.
by Jesus January 04, 2004

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Deemed Noisy Morons With Noisy Cars Society by the Association of People Who Don’t Care What Letters in Acronyms Stand For
by Jesus September 17, 2003

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In the morning, after a guy fucks a hot bitch, he walks home feeling proud of his accomplishment.
"The girl was like, 'But I love you,' and I was like 'Laaate.' Then I took the walk of fame home because I hit that shit up good.
by Jesus August 05, 2003

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Great example of false advertising. Instead of paying direct cash for an overpriced mp3 player, you succumb to the soul craving corporate conglomerates by signing up for any number of "offers." A successfull offer earns credit towards a free ipod. These "offers" tend to be premium (read: costly) coupon saving subscriptions and/or skin cream demos. The only hitch is trying to cancel a subscription to said offer. After completing the offer, all you have to do is force 5 people to do the same.
I got this free ipod by ordering 5 gallons of face cream. Want a coupon?
by jesus March 18, 2005

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any internet girl that meets and fucks retards she found in a chat room.
Man that girl I met at coffee last night from the chat room was a real chatwhore. She sucked me dry and ate my ass within 20 minutes of meeting her.
by jesus May 27, 2004

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