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A term preferred by some writers in preference to using "homosexual" as a noun.

In a newsmagazine cover article on Gore Vidal in the late 1970s, the celebrated author and essayist explained that, since "homosexual" is used as an adjective ("homosexual fantasy"), the noun form needed something more, well, distinctive and substantive: he used "homosexualist" to describe someone who is gay in practice, or as a state of being.

One doesn't argue lightly with Gore Vidal but there are precedents either way in forming nouns. "Alcoholic drink" / "Joe's an alcoholic," uses "alcoholic" first as an adjective, then as a noun. Similarly, "Green politics" / "Cary has become a Green."

OTOH a medical practitioner of psychiatry is not a "psychiatric" (better used as an adjective = "psychiatric evaluation"), but a "psychiatrist," a description of a person, not a field. One who enjoys sensual things is a "sensualist" but has an appreciation of the sensual.

"John is an out-of-the-closet homosexual"; OR
"John is an out-of-the-closet homosexualist."

BUT ALSO: "John is a homosexual," OR

"John is homosexual." -- BUT NOT:
"John is homosexualist."

It is much to be hoped that the definitions above of "same-sex love" or "practitioner of same-sex love" will stand, despite the fact that many right-wingers use it almost as a slur (it can get clinical) and avoid "gay" as a neologism. Don't think it isn't political, either.

GAY: Current idiom in casual speech would have it
"John is gay." Note that "a gay" commodifies John just a little.

See Gay.

"John's love life has been exclusively homosexual since 1993."

"John has an active homosexual love life."

"John is the kind of homosexualist other homosexualists can be proud of."
by al-in-chgo February 27, 2010
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Gay or queer. As popularized by Daffyd from Little Britain
Daffyd is a homosexualist and a gayer.
by jesus January 13, 2004
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The term homosexualist, as popularised by Matt Lucas's character Daffyd Thomas, is a useful one to mean those active homosexuals who are trying to make it compulsory for all. The term could extend to those try to force their own ideas on supposed equality for those of peculiar sexuality. It definitely includes those types who consider their same sex proclivities to be far superior to heterosexuals.
As an active homosexualist I am supporting the rights of men to marry each other and their absolute right for these relationships to produce children just as heterosexual marriage does. Governments should pay for all necessary medical expenditure to achieve this outcome.
by Roderick Myer July 30, 2006
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