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A person who is extremely cool and happy with themselves, yet looked down upon for being different. Just because someone is a loser doesn't mean they are not cool. The cool part about being a loser is getting to admit you are one.
by Jessi December 30, 2003
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an incredable whiny and annoying pop/punk band. Some pop/punk bands are decent...New Found Glory is not one of them..
by Jessi July 03, 2004
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"Pen15" is h4x0r writing for "Penis." It is used most commonly to write it on each other's hands (kids do this) in order to bring about lame ass ridiculing and taunting. It's a very childish thing to do and isn't really funny...
Kid1: Wanna join the Pen15 Club?
Kid2: What are the requirements?
Kid1: I just have to write it on your hand and then you're in *giggle*
by Jessi June 17, 2003
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What is "normal?" It seems as though the weirder you are, the more you fit in...so that means that weird is normal. If weird is normal, then that means that if you are normal you are weird, so in order to be normal you must be weird, which makes you normal all over again. Which is weird. It is a perpetual cycle.
Yeah, she's weird, but that's normal.
by Jessi December 30, 2003
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"send 2 receive"
It's used by people online who want to trade pictures of themselves with each other, to make it simple.
Guy: Hey, sexy. Yo got pics?
Girl: Yes...
Guy: s2r
Girl: All right.
by Jessi June 15, 2003
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a smelly slut. ''sm' from smelly and 'ut' from slut
that fucking smut was mad loose.
by Jessi April 15, 2005
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