The most irresistible rock band, and the number 1 cause of sanity.
Dad, please borrow the Oasis CD again so my head does't explode.
by Carbona Ramone April 20, 2021
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One of the best bands ever! They piss all over the shitty music scene these days!! Fuckin shity Busted, Blazin Gimp Squad etc etc... Superb live gigs, stunning vocals from Liam, and amazing songwriting from Noel!! Live forever Oasis!!!

PS: Make thier new album number 1!! Where it feckin belongs!!
Stevie: Oh man, how good are Oasis?
Mickey: Yer I like them...They're not bad
Stevie: I went to see them at Finsbury Park
Mickey: Yer? Were they good?
Stevie: Yer they were fuckin class!!
Mickey: Really? Well im off to get some Glasto tickets for Fiday night when Oasis are on!!
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Oasis is like an orgasm for your ears. Unarguably one of the greatest bands of all time.
Every one of Oasis's many songs is a perfect example of how awesome they are...
by Lord Cohliani January 24, 2010
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The greatest band to come into this world in the last two decades. They've been rocking the world for more than 15 years, and is already a legendary band.
"We're still the most important band in the planet, and we'll be the most important band in the planet, until I say so" - Liam Gallagher

Oasis is the greatest band in the world today...
by Fucking Hell November 14, 2006
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Our generation's version of the beatles. And they fuckin rock.
Dude, Oasis is the fuckin shit. They piss on all other current bands cept for Travis. If yer cool, I can call you Oasis.

Wrote the brilliant song... Slide Away.
by Slide Away June 22, 2004
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A beautiful drink. It's a non carbonated drink and is a product of The Coca Cola Company. Always on shelves around UK. Mostly seen as an alternative to water.
Cool person:Lunch break. Let's go down to Tesco and get some Oasis.
Nerd: Wha?
Cool person: Its an awesome drink, you tard.
Nerd: Im gettin some water.
Cool person: What the fuck? You need to be killed. Water is shit up to Oasis.
by paedoproof February 05, 2010
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Quite possibly the most overrated band in history. People claim they were relevant during the 90s, but even then they weren't. Blur were the defining Britpop band for the first half of the 90s, and then Radiohead killed Britpop and became the defining band of the second half of the 90s. During the 00s Oasis merely become a parody of themselves, trying to rehash their overrated songs of the 90s to no avail.

Fundamentally, Oasis had no originality during their entire career, could never evolve and just copied other bands material (i.e. The Beatles) as they didn't have the talent to write or compose any good songs on their own.

Truthfully, the only reason they were popular was because of the large size of the working class. The working class saw the Gallagher brothers as idols, because they began in the working class before becoming rich, and inherently the Gallaghers had no actual talent like the rest of the working class. Therefore, the large working class supported Oasis in droves, and then worshipped them for managing to get so big, despite having no talent. It gave the working class hope that even they, despite having no talent, might someday leave their job working as a janitor, cleaning toilets or emptying dustbins, and become wealthy and famous.
No band is more overrated than Oasis and thank goodness they split up. Now they can stop creating crap music.
by Ivalice-Alliance November 08, 2009
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