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An outstanding but misunderstood girl. When she loves she loves like no other. She has a lot more love than anything. She loves to lend a helping hand for those in need. Amazing friend who is down when you need her most. Beautiful girl, wise, unique, powerful soul, private, passionate and exotic. She can be a bit indecisive when it comes to small things but also a big dreamer and has a huge heart. She is at constant battle with herself and things around her but she is known for her strong will and gets through anything she sets her mind to. Although she is quite the lover/friend she can be a dangerous enemy. She is day and night at the same time and only the lucky will remain in her life. She is someone worth knowing inside and out. She can be que uite the catch. Many are captured by her beauty on the inside more so than the beauty on the outside. This type of girl is rare and precious like a pearl.
Vianney is one of a kind
by Dogs13dogs November 02, 2017
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Vianney means a person who is very intelligent, caring, soft hearted, but at times short tempered. Loves adventures, riding, wants to be successful in life. Very helpful, friendly, open minded.
by Vanessa12 January 12, 2018
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Vianney is a little bit of sunshine in your world. She is incredibly smart and also good in sports (especially in contact sports) She is most likely to be considered the best in everything. Watch out though, when she gets mad it's a helluva time to win her over again. Guys gotta' luv Vianney's!!!
Guy: Dude, look over there!
Dude: Wow, she's such a Vianney!
by blahblahblootyblue January 13, 2014
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She likes to bang and has a big butt with nice tits and likes to get banged by children and has a small asshole.
She is such vianney
by The dick slanger October 17, 2017
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He is a cool guy. And he is very sexy , he suits any hair style . He gets all the fine lady’s and is the leader of the pack . Vianney is the guy you would love to be friends with !
Person 1: Who’s that you with ? 😒
Person 2: Vianney, He’s so cool 🤩
by Molly Tucker May 18, 2019
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