AMF is an acronym for "Adios mother fucker!"

Use this acronym when saying goodbye to any person on your shit list.
Upon passing Thermal Dynamics Eddie shook the professor's hand and said, "AMF!"
by RanchStud April 27, 2008
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Good bye, sarcastic farewell, go away, get away & don't come back, I'm leaving & I'm not coming back, Adios, Motherfucker, If you don't believe that I'm leaving-count the days I'm gone.
No, I don't want the job, AMF. Don't go away mad; just go away, AMF. You're history, AMF.
by larry lynch April 11, 2008
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and AMF hes outa there.
by DocJohnson August 1, 2008
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When leaving a group of friends, simply tell them "A.M.F."
by Jerry December 8, 2001
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Amf is a shortening for "Arbeit macht frei" which is German and means something like "Work brings freedom"

Amf is usually used as a motivating line to make people work.

The german sentence originates from a Nazi death camp, where it's purpose was to motivate the workers to do more work and less slacking.
- "Hey Joe, I need to do this homework for tomorrow, it's really a pain in the ass"

- Joe: "Don't complain, AMF"

- You are right, I can enjoy life once again after all this shit
by Mr Teapot September 22, 2009
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Adios Mother Fucker, another way of saying goodbye, peace out, etc.
guy1: "Alright I will see you tomorrow"
guy2: "Alright, AMF"
by greyham February 19, 2008
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