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when a female has a yeast infection and radiates a funk after getting up from a seated position or General hellacious odor associated with yeast infections coming from a female's area.
Whoa dude did you smell that? "yeah bro, she's baking bread!" ooh that explains it.


Is bread-bakin'amanda gunna be there? "yeah bro she is" DAMN it. she stinks!!!!
by tim baxter April 05, 2006
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The method used when facing ED, much like a natural viagra. In most cases, baking the bread is applied when an individual is intoxicated. The theory states that when an individual is unable to get a boner, he places his soft serve weiner into a girls vagina. The vag acts like an oven and when a doughy d mixes with the vag juice in the warm oven and causes the weiner to get hard. A female mouth, or in a bernie's case a male mouth, can also be used to 'bake the bread.' This theory battles Einsteins theory of relativety as the most significant theory in history. It will not hold with anal sex though... would bread rise in a smell refrigerator?
Mateo: Yo, I got my D dubs last night
delmar: Not a chance, I saw you in the bar last night and you were plastered. There is no way you boned
Mateo: Dude, I was Baking bread, works every time
delmar: mmm yeasty
by allstarme October 23, 2007
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The area of skin on the top of a large woman's feet when she puts a low cut dress shoe on.

This statement is usually spoken between 2 or more caddy women.
Jill: Hey, did you see the new temp?
Susan: nah, I missed her.
Jill: she lumbered by a few minutes ago. Her shoes were hanging on for dear life. She was really baking bread.
by El Nutt August 04, 2009
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