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a myth perpetuated by 2 groups:

1)men with short penis'

2)women married to men with short penis' , women, that is, who don't want their guy to feel inadequate
Nancii said that size doesn't matter, but she also has said that she prefers a thick stiff one, good and far up inside her.
by Jake March 24, 2004
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a vegetable, one of several that make for an excellent "penis". Available in various lengths and circumferences. Some have enticing "bumpies" on them for extra stimulation. Best washed and dried before use (who knows where they've been !) Similar to zuchini, carrots, leeks.
When she has to come home alone on Saturday night, she cozies up to her vegetable bin and chooses her mate from among the cucumbers, zuchini, carrots and leeks.
by Jake February 25, 2004
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A person that has mental problems. A person that is sick or has a polluted mind.
Dude THAT guy is a sickoo. He just makes mom jokes all the time trying to be cool in front of his friends. =O
by Jake April 22, 2005
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im really,really,really stoned eg i have been smokin lots of weed and am felling the affects strongly
john sed"im high as a motherfucker"
by jake June 14, 2006
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pussy lips, cunt, pussy, snatch, slash, etc
I'd like to plow her furrow with my dick.
by Jake March 01, 2004
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euphemism for "fuck"
She let me sleep with her.
by Jake February 17, 2004
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Used when disgusted or upset about something
1.When bobby was fired he remarked "This is bullshit!"
by jake November 30, 2004
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