To have arrived (metaphorically), to be "in the house" (once again- metaphorically).
"I'll be in the building - swagger on a hundred thousand trillion"

"We in the buildin"
- Jim Jones
by Zbiz nigga December 17, 2010
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In video game terms, your character's "build" is the arrangement of stat points and/or gear for your character that will allow you to achieve the best results for your playstyle. This only applies to games where it is impossible to max out all your stats, or if you want to stay at a certain level.
Strength builds in Dark Souls 3 focus on increasing strength and vitality in order to equip the heaviest weapons and armor in the game.

My MMO character's critical build has high damage but I always die because he has no health.
by radical larry May 6, 2016
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a big ass structure that you live in or work at.
"that is one big ass fucking building!"
by facechild November 19, 2003
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8 in Supreme Mathematics

to elevate the mentality of self, and others around the self
To build is to elevate the mentality of self, and others around the self, to add on positive energy to Allah's nation. And to build means to add on to life. And when you build positively, you take away from negativity.
by LiquidSwords October 13, 2005
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To build with one another.
by barrygpid September 7, 2005
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To hang out with/chill with/spend time with/kick it with.
Uh, she says her life is too hard
She says that she wanna come and build with the God
Promise that she gon' play her part
Cause what I spit gets straight to her heart

Nas featuring Ludacris and Doug E. Fresh - Virgo
by Kuya C January 27, 2005
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Something that tells you not to be racist.
Stan: Don't be racist, I am a building
And I’ve got news for you
Hey there Steven
Blacks and whites are even
How would you feel if the joke was on you
Blacks, whites, Indians and Spanish
They all came from the sea
We all have to share the same world
Trixie won't you sing with me
Trixie: Hey Stan
Stan: Hey there Trixie
Trixie: What you singing about?
Stan: Oh not much, just skyscraper stuff, like racism
Trixie and Stan: Don't be racist, we both are buildings
Listen to what we mean
Love one another
Sisters and brothers
Or we will haunt your dreams
Or we will haunt your dreams
Or we will haunt your dreams

by Dumb_Bass September 26, 2020
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