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Based on the Audi A8, the Continental GT is a 2-door coupé made by British car manufacturer Bentley.
The GT is available with a 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged eight-cylinder or a 6.0-litre twin-turbocharged twelve-cylinder petrol engine mated to an automatic gearbox and an AWD system and can go on to a top speed of 195 mph.
"What's that coupé over there?"
"It's a Bentley Continental GT 4.0."
by JaaagMan February 11, 2012
A petrol engine with two banks of six cylinders arranged in a Vee shape.
"What engine is under the Q7's bonnet?"
"A 6.0 V12 diesel engine."
by JaaagMan December 29, 2011
Invented by a Frenchman just before WW2 and introduced to road cars in 2003 in the Golf R32, this type of transmission is a semi-automatic gearbox - two clutches take care of two sets of gears. One clutch takes care of odd gears (1, 3, 5, 7) and the other clutch deals with the even gears (R, 2, 4, 6).

How it works:
One clutch has 1st gear engaged, with the car moving forwards. Meanwhile, the other clutch has 2nd gear ready to be engaged. Come change-up time, clutch no.1 disengages 1st and clutch no.2 engages 2nd gear and the car keeps going, whilst clutch no.1 prepares 3rd gear for engagement. All of this happens within milliseconds, so power delivery to the road is uninterrupted.

Usually - though not always - dual-clutch gearboxes are more fuel-efficient than an equivalent manual gearbox.

For more info, see Wikipedia.
"What gearbox have you got in your Audi TT?"
"Oh, I've got Audi's (VW's) dual-clutch gearbox. It's fantastic!"
by JaaagMan January 21, 2012
Audi's rival for the Land Rover Freelander/Range Rover Evoque, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLK and VW Tiguan.

It is available with 2.0-litre TFSI four-cylinder and 3.2-litre FSI six-cylinder petrol, 2.0-litre TDI four-cylinder and 3.0-litre TDI six-cylinder diesel engines, either mated to a six-speed manual or a 7-speed S-Tronic dual-clutch gearbox, with (2.0 TFSI 210, 3.2 FSI 250, 2.0 TDI 170, 3.0 TDI 240) or without (2.0 TDI 140) quattro.
"What's that SUV over there?"
"It's an Audi Q5 3.2 FSI."
by JaaagMan February 25, 2012
Vehicle description:
Manufacturer: Audi
Model: A8
Registration Number: DE55 EIN
Engine: 4.2 TDI
Wheels driven: 4
Transmission: A6
Number of owners: 2
by JaaagMan December 29, 2011
Audi's executive car, similar in size to the BMW 5-Series, the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, the SAAB 9-5, the Volvo S60 and the Jaguar XF.
"I've ordered my new company car today."
"What is it?"
"It's an A6 3.0 TDI."
by JaaagMan December 29, 2011
Volvo's smallest saloon, based the the Ford Focus (Worldwide). It is a rival to the Alfa Romeo 159, Audi A4, BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and the SAAB 9-3.

The S40 is available with 1.6- and 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 2.5-litre (badged T5) five-cylinder petrol engines, 1.6- and 2.0-litre four-cylinder and 2.0- and 2.4-litre (badged D5) five cylinder diesel engines and a 1.8-litre four cylinder FlexiFuel Biofuel engine.
"What's that car over there?"
"It's a Volvo S40 D5."
by JaaagMan December 29, 2011