An awesome song by +44 because of its tempo and with a part that sounds like bells in its acoustic version, "145."
Yeah! 155 is the best song on the album!
by Rachael Santiago August 6, 2008
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The artificial top speed of many fast German cars in miles per hour (mph). In kilometres per hour (km/h), this figure is 250.
A: "What's the top speed of your M5?"
B: "155 mph with the limiter, 204 mph without."
by JaaagMan March 16, 2012
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I don't know why I'm counting them still..

Or how long I can

Just that I am

I love you.. Il stand by those words forever
155 left
by 4_u September 27, 2023
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the Cialis-Levitra-Viagra stage of a man's life. from: 155 in Roman numerals is CLV.
A mean, nasty old man has reached stage 155.

Someone who is mean and grumpy all the time, no matter what age, has reached stage 155.
by quoit June 16, 2009
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To be mocking of someone or something, variant of "taking the piss"
You're taking the P155
by Bruce Graham October 3, 2002
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Once you look up all the rules in the urban dictionary rule book and find they have come to an end you must make a rule restating this exact rule
Hmm, I am spending way too much time looking up the rules of the internet. Time to make rule 156 that is stated by rule 155
by Baumz February 8, 2019
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