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AN act of torture used on one's worst enemies. The act involves first leaving a log in a toliet. Then one must take captive of your enemy and wrap their face with plastic wrap (NOT TIGHT!!!, No need for sufication) then you proceed to give them a swirlie in the toliet that has the dung in it... Hence glass bottom ship...
I hate Hate him so badly, I want to give him a glass bottom ship...
by JOE December 12, 2003
See Whataburger.

The Brown communities term for Whataburger.
Shi, man. I'm Starvin.' Let's get some Waterburger.
by JOE May 31, 2004
The greatest album of the 80's, by The Clash. Contains songs like London Calling, Clampdwn, Hatefull, Rudie Can't Fail, and other fucking amazing songs. Buy It NOW!!!
Person 1: Hey, I just got London Calling on CD.
Person 2: (beats person 1 up and steals London Calling)
by JOE March 5, 2005
Redfusion is the best DesertCombat gamer in the world
Hey Redfusion kicked my ass again at Desertcombat....
by JOE January 19, 2004
1. a nice tap on the pubic region of a woman. 2. My friend Billy
Billy is a cuntslap.
by JOE November 8, 2004