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my god dont be a silvio!
by JOE August 4, 2003
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Damn, she's a World of Loving
by JOE December 12, 2002
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Getting fellatio after performing anal sex
I anoraled that girl
by JOE December 30, 2005
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Dailey got anoral from Tighty-McGighty
by JOE December 30, 2005
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A person who rules the GNVQ ICT suit with an iron fist. dimmocricy is not welcome here!
by JOE April 9, 2004
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All as charlesManson says <top>
Also the inventor of the wheelbarrow and automatic Arbalist.
Zhuge Liang, Priminister of the Shu army during the Han dynasty.
by JOE June 15, 2004
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something that just had the stupidest shit ever happen on it
and so senator kerry has conceded form the election

by JOE November 3, 2004
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