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Just remember the 4 F's kids:
1st Base : French (Making out)
2nd Base : Feel (The boobies)
3rd Base : Finger (Masturbating the other Guy/Girl)
4th Base : Fuck (To get laid!)
Guy 1: So what did you do with Jane last night?
Guy 2: I Got to 2nd base with her.
Guy 1: Good job. Gotta love those boobies.
Guy 2: Boobies? I just kissed her.
Guy 1: Wow........ Do you even know what the bases are?

Moral of the Story:
Do Not Be Like Guy 1.
by Uber New Hacks April 11, 2007
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first base: making out
second base: boob touch
third base: oral sex
home run: puss pounding
Scotty: dude, i got to second base last night
BLake: Really? wuts the bases?
Scotty: i dont know...wut is anal sex?
Sean: i think special butt love is a foul ball
by scon jaguar December 16, 2006
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First: Making out
Second: Feeling up
Short Stop: hand jobs
THird: oral
Home: Sex
Shay: WE got to third base last night!

Jan: You got oral??

Shay: well... no... but he touched me....
Jan: that's more of a short stop area dork. Learn The bases
by 4realz4 November 29, 2010
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1st base: making out (tongue, grinding, etc.)
2nd base: touching (boobs, fingering, handjob, etc.)
3rd base: oral (eating out, blowjob
home run: sex
Chad: I spent the night with Jenna on Friday
Josh: Oh yeah? How'd it go?
Chad: I only got to 2nd base
Josh: Sorry bro
Chad: How did things go with Harper this weekend?
Josh: We got to a home run
Chad: Lucky! I really gotta cover more of the bases
by boominati.way July 14, 2018
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- 1st base= French kissing/ kissing with tongue
-2nd base= Feeling each other up. For a boy, their finger is put inside vagina,or just touching the breasts. For a girl, give the boy a handjob
-3rd base= licking each other. For a boy, licking the girls vagina. For a girl, they give him a blow job/ put her mouth on the penis
-4th base= Sex
I went to 2nd with my gf the other day, hope we get to The Bases some time
by Jillinia April 14, 2009
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The four bases of a relationship.

1- french, or kiss.
2- feel, or boobedge
3- finger, or Playing the G-string
4- Fuck, that pretty much sums it up don't you think?
the bases!
guy A: Dude I totally scored 4th base last night!
guy B: lucky I cant even get to 2nd.
by Immewhoru? January 24, 2011
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Base 1: Kissing
Base 2: Boobs.
Base 3: Fingering / Hand Job
Base 4: Oral
Person 1: Mateeeeeeeeeee I just went to base 3 with my gf last night.

Person 2: Mate! Me & My gf went for the home run last night.

Person 1: WOW. Lucky bugger, mine is like well fridged.

Person 2: Mate, I've been to like all of The Bases with my gf!
by personalninja August 15, 2010
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