false; not real; fake replication; bootleg; tomfoolery
The upside down question mark as seen in mario kart 64 can be considered a psuedo box.
by El_Scorcho August 26, 2003
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Short for pseudoephedrine
I needed to take psuedo for my flu.
by My Rael Neime January 13, 2015
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PRONOUNCED (swaydo) 1. Something having a level of hipness or edge that is of retro orient. 2. Something old and useless that is paraded around in order to evoke irony.

A malapropism from the actual word psuedo pronounced improperly and used to mean something throwback or retro (usually from the 1980s). All things have a certain level of psuedo-ness and can therefor can be more or less psuedo than another item.
Griffin: what do you like better? cds or tapes?
Tom: well cds are more efficient, but you know tapes are... more psuedo.
by SCILLIANAIRE January 31, 2007
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Some dick hed of a teachers favorite thing in the world which is used to break down computer programs into smaller steps
Lets get doing sum psuedo code lads
by Chonger donga April 20, 2005
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People whom beleive they are extremely intelligent and desire everyone to know it. In actuallity they are generally ignorant and close minded.
Those psuedo-intellectuals have some terrible definitions for slang terms on urbandictionary.com.

The way that art major was carrying on about how I didn't know that peice was post impressionist, you would think they were a psuedo-intellectual.
by DJ December 24, 2003
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Ignorant bastards. Individuals who are gifted with a large vocabulary and quick wit, and use it to other's expenses. Often very sarcastic, and thrive on making fun of those they view as different or slow-witted. Also incredibly critical and judgemental, these individuals believe everything that is not them is stupid and moronical. Anything deemed as immature or stupid is subject to their quick, aggressive tongue.

I really hate these people, they are so close minded and immature. Its like a five year old girl putting on make up.
Evanston Township Highschool, Evanston, IL. A place full of psuedo-intellectuals. (My school)
by moss|punk January 19, 2007
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A boy that you hang out and hook up with often and you do everything that a couple does, minus the romance and the title to define your relationship. It's an awkward situation because you will eventually have to "break up" even though you were never really dating. See friends with benefits
Friend 1: "So what's goin on with you too?"
Friend 2: "Well, we hang out all the time, hook up, and he gets jealous if I see other guys, but he's just my psuedo boyfriend. We're definitely not dating."
by L love August 12, 2005
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