cooking style: a style of cooking, especially one that is notable for high quality.
French cuisine is highly valued.
by britbaby3506 October 27, 2013
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a sexual fasination with food
"American pie" the apple pie fucker, ex: waffle me off
*guy wacking off with pancakes and syrup* Dude, that guys into cuisineality! What a fag!!! If you like screwing food, your into cuisineality.
by CHeeSeBaLLs December 14, 2006
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Activity involving the stimulation of the genitalia of a sex partner by the use of the mouth, tongue, teeth or throat
I love a man who enjoys my "SOUTHERN CUISINE"!
by ReeseB. June 14, 2011
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Cooking with cum, adding jizz and pussyjuice to your food and drinks. It's intended that you love it and do it for your own pleasure, probably develop complicated cum recipes. It's not the same thing as secretly adding cum in other's food.
- Do you appreciate cum cuisine?
- What cus..? Wait, do yo mean cooking with cum!?
- Yeah, that's right! I like it very much. Me and my gf had a lovely dinner today. Potato mash with my jizz and a salad with pussyjuice sauce. And for breakfast we had mushroom omelette with...
- Please don't tell me more. You're both sick!
by Andy Lust October 25, 2013
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A fancy way of expressing the act of throwing up after eating
Colby: Man did you just see Mary nail that entire pizza before, that girl can eat! How is she not the size of a house?

Jason: Smell her breath. She just had a side of bulime cuisine
by Tonado March 17, 2015
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A fusion of Spanish, African and Caribbean cuisines.
Cuban cuisine is the best.
by ccubanita June 18, 2009
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