Badass vehicles that can go anywhere, including mud, ponds, or anywhere off road. For some reason usually puchased by suburbians that will never need them. Even though usually with poor gas mileage, still useful when you live off county roads or moving large amounts of livestock feed.
Person 1: hey, nice 4x4
Person 2: yea, i drive it to the my job at JC Pennys every day
Person 1: what, never take it 4 wheeling?
Person 2: of course not! it might get dirty!
by sneakysnake April 8, 2008
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pronounced "four-be-four"

The type of woman who has four children from four different partners, e.g. Ulrika Jonsson.
Honestly, I wouldn't touch her with yours mate, she's a dirty, rottentroll, 4x4, butterface.
by conciliation March 9, 2009
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A legendary sandwich from the secret menu of the great In-N-Out Burger chain. 4 all-beef patties, 4 slices of cheese.

Bonus: Don't forget to try "Animal Style"
I just at a whole 4x4!
by Mr. X August 2, 2005
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a vehicle that if drivien makes you better than any tree hugging fucker
nice to drive past an environmental bastard as they look at you in disgust

as you are bigger you DO! own the road

by hairyguy4 June 18, 2008
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Vehicle owned by gullible and stupid people in the mistaken belief that one day supermarkets will only be built with mountainous unmettalled car parks with heards of wilderbeast roaming across them. The ownership of 4x4's is inversely proprotional to the roughness of terrain, the incidence of proper mettalled roads, and the amount of urbanisation - i.e the flatter the county and the better the roads and the less countryside, the more 4x4's there will be (see Surrey). 99.9% of a 4x4's life is taken up with only four activities;

1. Driving to the supermarket / shops / retail park;

2. Driving to and from a School to pick up / drop off 4x4's owner's offspring;

3. Parked in a Railway Station car park (see Oxted railway station);

4. Putting dents in other people's car doors (see 1 and 3 above).

Even though a 4x4 is supposed to give the impression of a tough, rugged all purpose, all terrain vehicle, owners will often adorn them with additional fittings such as bull-bars to ensure that any school children bounce off them without scratching the paintwork and humourous spare wheel covers with animals humping each other to ensure the spare wheel stays nice and clean.

Modern 4x4s are decended from Landrovers used by farming folk who needed a vehicle that could traverse rough ground in all weather, but the modern counterparts are not likely to be found in anything as dirty and gritty as agricultural work, as most 4x4 owners work in offices and used by their spouses during the day.

All car manufacturers have now realised that their is no correlation to the amount of income and sense people have and hence all now offer expensive psuedo rugged vehicles and use highly trained salespeople who are able to keep a straight face when would-be buyers ask if child seats can be fitted and does it have a cup holder.

To see 4x4's at their best, it is usual to wait for the 1 day in 20 years when it snows heavily. Then the 4x4 owner can demonstrate the superb road holding capabilty of the vehicle as they return home after they've realised that the shops / schools / railways have all shut down because of the adverse weather.
Amos, better get the tractor and the tow rope, there's another one of those fancy 4x4s stuck on the farm track
by Mr Smoketomuch April 21, 2004
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Large child killing petrol wasting vehicle purchased by the lowest form of pondlife on the road - usually middle class bimbo women who have morbidly obese children raised on a diet of McDonalds and ice cream and are unable to walk 100 meters to school.
Males who buy 4x4s foster a mistaken belief that they not only own the roads but the motor vehicle they drive adds some enhancement to their sorely lacking personality.
Probably Daily Mail readers
To quote Londons mayor Red Ken - anyone who drives a 4x4 in london is a 'complete idiot'- i think cunt is the word he was looking for
by Seamusul July 18, 2005
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