516 is Nassau County's area code. Nassau county is on Long Island NY. It starts right after exit 13, which is Queens, NY. Out of Nassau & suffolk county, Nassau is by far the best. It is more urban and lively than suffolk county. Plus it is only about 10 minutes from Manhattan. To Queens though, of course, it is only about 5 minutes. Many rappers, singers, performers, and athletes come here. And are also are from here. The rappers and singers come to the Nassau coliseum alot to perform. And the ones from here, also come to visit. And some of them still own homes here. And the long islanders also go to the nassau coliseum to play. The NY Jets Training Camp/Practice field is here, in Hempstead. Exit 17. Basketball Player Dr. J is from here in Roosevelt, NY. Rap group Public Enemy is also from here, in Roosevelt, NY. Famous Comedian Eddie Murphy is from here, in Roosevelt, NY also. As well as his brother, Charlie Murphy. Rapper Method man is from here, in Hempstead, NY. Busta Rhymes & Leaders of the new school are from here, but their also from Brooklyn, NY. Nassau is home to one of the biggest Mall's in America, Roosevelt Field Mall. Which, by the way is not in Roosevelt, it is in Garden City. It is also home to one of the biggest
Park's in America, Eisenhower Park. Which is also in Garden City.
Nassau(516): Many famous people, places, & things.

Suffolk: Most famous person = Rakim. Very good rapper, but doesn't even rep where he's from, because he probably doesn't like it. So he just says "I'm from NY" instead of "I'm from Suffolk County".
by Strong Island Boss February 22, 2008
The greatest area code in the United States.

One of the greatest places to live in the United States.
Tom: Yo where you from?
Josh: I'm from the 516!
Tom: Man, I wish I lived there.
by Bear 516 February 18, 2009
Usually used to describe someone or something from or similar to Long Island. This is because the area code for much of Long Island is 516. Somebody from the 516 area code, especially after moving elsewhere, is called a 516er.
Roughly half of the population of Florida is comprised of 516ers.
by Focal December 12, 2004
Used to describe parties. Outta control, off-the-hook, hot, tight, etc. Especially parties so ridiculous that cops are basically gauranteed to show up (and call for backup!)

If youre doin it right, havin a 516-style party means you might be usin your one phone call later on. But it'll be worth it.

To the layman, the unitiated, 516 refers to the Long Island area code. Insiders know it is actually in reference to 516 University Ave, for obvious reasons.
Yo, we gotta hit up that party tonight, shit's gonna be 516!

We chillin 516 style this weekend.
by jk March 4, 2004
The better part of Long Island, and all the nassau people know it. Some of the best towns include Massapequa, Seaford, Wantagh, Rockville Centre, Plainedge, Freeport, Franklin Square and Roslyn.

People in the 516 tend to pay more taxes and stuff but it's worth it because it has good catering halls, small bars, lots of liquor stores, beer distributors, smoke shops, and is home to some of the biggest weed growing facilities as well.

Alot of people in the 516 are "good" if u got the money for weed and coke nd E and w.e. u need. We got it.

It is also home to some of the best Baseball Teams and Lacrosse Teams As well as the overrated football and soccer teams. Not to mention fast runners like Uniondale and Valley Stream.

Baseball goes from best to worst--> Massapequa, Wantagh, Seaford, Bellmore, and Freeport
"Yo where u at son?"

"The 516 homie"
by B-Nizzlin September 18, 2007
A bunch of fuckbois who travel in herds on bikes doing 'cool' bike tricks
516 bikelife we out here
by Bobby dunc November 3, 2016