One who rules the world and is uber-athletic. Not fat or gluttonous. Totally sexy
That Trotter gets all the bitches when he/she plays sports or commands others.
by daffffy duck March 11, 2009
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A man who is constantly performing menial tasks for his girlfriend, wife, or significant other. Analogous to a trotter in horse racing.
Jim was a total trotter. Kathy could always count on him to drop his plans to run her errands for her.
by Mr. Bizeeboy April 5, 2009
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Another word for an idiot. When someone stuffs up or makes too many mistakes you call them a trotter. Also means 'clumsy person'
"You made a mistake again you bluddy trotter" "Your proned to make mistakes, your a trotter arn't you"
by lovely lopez August 7, 2008
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A website that records bands for free and distributes the recordings while also drawing a picture. There are different kinds of trotters. The most superior is that of the nite. There is a gaytrotter for gay bandsm a daytrotter for indie bands. A paytrotter is a site that sells these sessions and is considered not cool.
Man I heard some fucked up shit on that nitetrotter site!
by Joey Collins666 June 26, 2010
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When a male hunting Tinder or dating sites of a similar nature is duped into thinking a females body is attractive. Her profile will consist entirely of head and above chest photos, when they have exchanged many messages they meet for him to find more than he bargained for!
Rodge: Hi there, dam I never realised your arse was that big and your legs are like tree trunks!
Girl: Why do you think my profile consists solely of head shots, you're my bitch now.... Too late, You Been Trottered Son
by Elred October 27, 2014
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Did you see Molly's trotters today? Those monsters are huge!
by hisenburg May 3, 2011
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A slang term for the toes or fingers of a montic.
Gonnae tak aff yer tartan troosers and git yer trotters wash'd in that pail.
by Jazzy Spazzi October 19, 2004
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