A person who inspires you greatly❤️
by Loldrawxx July 2, 2016
An Idol is someone that inspires you to be the best version of yourself on the daliy.
by xxjessthemessxx September 27, 2018
When you have a crush on someone but he/she doesn't even know that you're exist.
I like him but we don't know each other and he doesn't even know that i'm exist and try to get my idol attention😢
by milkshake oreo October 19, 2017
Idol is a term used mainly in Korean, Japanese, and other East Asian pop-cultures, which refers to celebrities who train in singing and dancing, and debut in Kpop / Jpop / Cpop groups (or as soloists).
"have you heard of that really popular idol group?"
"bts? of course... i stan them!"
by kp0pfan November 6, 2020
When you want to be just like someone; you look up to them. An idol is someone you admire, you might often look at pictures of them or daydream about them. It can be a sports coach, parent or friend. You might copy and try to recreate what they have done in the past- or even try to look like them, too.
My idol is my swimming coach, she is so nice to me.

I am so happy because my biggest idol gave me a present!
by Christmaself2 December 29, 2018
A legend of a person. Someone who can go rally and blackout, sleep it off and go to bars later. Someone who belives that benching less than 225lbs is a sin. He is looked and worshippes to.
Him: Hey do you know Will Walker?
Girl 1:Of course he is my idol.
Girl 2. I’d let him smash.
by maddabs98 September 2, 2018
Kim Taehyung aka BTS V of boy-band BTS

K-Pop idol rookies and peers look upto Kim Taehyung for inspiration. They consider him as a role model because of his magnificent stage presence, His fancams are also the most watched by rookie idols for facial expressions and executing emotions.
Kim Taehyung is Idol of idols; a role model for millions of people all across the world.
by kpop happening February 1, 2021