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step 1: wrap your face with saran wrap
step 2: have someone take a dump on it
step 3: enjoy the steamy sensation
That was an awesome texas hot plate
by jDog February 24, 2005

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to be similar in mannerisms and appearance to the character Chet from Weird Science.
"My brother is one chetly bastard."
by JDog August 10, 2004

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A corn filled turd that is placed on a significant other's property as a symbol of deep hatred. The orthodox version includes topping off with a well placed line of cum.
Fernando gave his girlfriend a Cudahy Snickers Bar on the hood of her car. He even frosted it for her!
by JDog March 24, 2004

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Puddle of vomit on sidewalk. Dual association of both that vomit strongly resembles what vendors in Camden pass off as pizza, and that Camden bar-goers often end the evening with a spew outside the bar.
I slipped on some camden pizza whilst crossing the street to get a bag of skunk.
by JDOG November 28, 2004

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what rappers and black people call Chicago
Shytown is the shit my nigga
by JDog April 02, 2005

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skeet does have multiple meanings but in "Get Low", specifically, skeet skeet refers to the sound of the spray bottles or water guns they sprayin on the strippers as part of the show and at wet t-shirt contests.
watch the video again.before they grab the supersoaker theres a sign above it that reads 'skeet for points'.
down skeet skeet muthafucka
by jdog June 28, 2004

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chuch = church
it's a cousin of preach
a) "what i said is so true, like a preacher at church"
b) when other's respond to your statement with chuch, it means 'true! we firmly believe/love what you said, like you preachin to us at church! '
To keep your hos in line you need a strong pimp hand. chuch.
by jdog June 28, 2004

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