the original (1950s,early 1960's ?)clear foodwrap that teens used when they were too scared to go buy condoms
I'm a saran wrap baby.
by Jake March 7, 2004
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What Yanks and other fools call Cling Film. Saran isn't even a word.
"Have you seen the Saran Wrap?"

"What the hell is Saran Wrap!?"
by Humphrey Spencer III Esq. February 1, 2022
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1. In reference to a manipulative teenage girl in Chicago.
2. Refers to an incident that she had with a boyfriend where they were about to have sex, but didn't have condoms. They searched through her parents' drawers, and when they couldn't find one, she said "well, why don't we use saran wrap?"
3. Now used as an insult towards the aforementioned girl, given that she mistreats all humans she comes in contact with.
4. Alludes to her idiocy.
by lpr January 14, 2005
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Wrap saran wrap around your lower body like its a pair of boxer shorts. Wear it for 24 hours while eating foods that make you repetitively fart into said wrap. after the wrap is at the point where it can get no stinkier, take it off and slap your girlfriend in the face with it during sex.
Colleen broke up with me last night because I pulled the Saran wrap trap on her. I miss her already.
by Sally Crapbasket June 21, 2009
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The act of placing a thin film of saran wrap over a bitches face and precedding to have a bowel movement (shit). the reverse involves slighty tilted logistics in that the shit goes first and is later embraced beetween both the wrap and the face. (Ooops) ( L Yah)
she was a dirty little skank so i surprised her with a saran wrap brownee. she got pissed so i had to reverse it and really punish her.
by Zach Stro April 13, 2006
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A way to say that you have, are, or had to take a poop.
1. Wow guys, I really need to Saran Wrap a Roller Coaster.

2. Dude! I just Saran Wrapped the hugest Roller Coaster.

3. Help! I need some T.P. I'm Saran Wrapping a Roller Coaster right now.
by Voltronn October 10, 2010
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Its how the Clevand Browns get a 0-100 record
You should really change that saran wrap defense
by ACKACKACK123987 January 28, 2018
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