One of the sweetest guys you can meet. You'll meet him somewhere, and from then on you all are talking. He's one of them that takes forever to respond, but that's okay cause all you can constantly do is think about him. He's very precious. He can make anyone's day better. He's cool as crap. You just want to talk to him 24/7 although he might not want to talk to you. He's a sweet and caring guy. Camden's are often good at things with wheels. He's just an amazing guy in general.
There goes that sweet, one of a kind Camden.
by hot digidy dog January 27, 2015
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Camden is the most sweetest person he makes your heart melt even if your just his friend. Camden is so adorable and loving. You can easily open up to Camden about anything. Once you start talking theirs no going back. He has you hooked.
Look how sweet that guy is, he must be a Camden!
by Mahaly May 13, 2016
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A guy with monster meat. I'm talking like rip u in have kinda shmeat right there
Bro that's Camden
Yea that guys got a massive cock
by Bro that meat tho October 19, 2020
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Camden, is a really cool type of person, girls chase after him and he's really good at sports. And he's the god at soccer and basketball,
Camden is awesome
by Camden name definition October 21, 2017
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Camden’s are sweet and fairly attractive guys. They spend their time doing nice things for others but Camden’s are shy and insecure deep down. Once you meet a Camden, you won’t think much of him, he may be one of your best friends but it’s likely he wants to be more than that. Camden’s aren’t known to make the first move and will win you over with constant compliments and patience. Though by the time he wins you over, he will have lost interest and given up. Camden’s are one of the most Extraordinary normal people you will ever meet.
Hey, isn’t that Camden?

Yeah, he used to like me and I didn’t even notice, I blew it.
by CJ13 January 22, 2018
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A Camden is someone veryyyy special. He might be a supernatural entity for all we know. Probably into sci-fi. Possibly Star Wars. Talented in the arts. You could try and tell him that he is attractive but he humbly dismisses the fact.
Person One: *hears music* hey what’s that music?
Person Two: It’s probably Camden on the piano.
Person Three: *almost passes out* he’s soooo amazingggg.
by themoffinisburnt May 7, 2018
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Prettiest girl I've ever met. Literally the definition of beauty. Very thoughtfully and caring.
Camden is literaly beauty in one being
by Daddyfucked January 14, 2017
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