a word usually used at the end of a sentence to express agreement and/or excitement. similar to the word Amen.
we gotsta roll down to that bitch crib cuz im tryna fuck. but first lets finish this fat ass blunt. CHUCH!
by the bus September 22, 2005
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"To have God in everything you do" -- Snoop
I'm gonna holla at one of these fine hunnies. chuch.
by euphoric fallacy June 20, 2003
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Chuch is a slang writing for the Italien word Cuccio which means "donkey or ass". Used as a slang word to define someone as stupid or imbecile.
You're such a chuch!!
by Suzanne September 19, 2003
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chuch = church
it's a cousin of preach
a) "what i said is so true, like a preacher at church"
b) when other's respond to your statement with chuch, it means 'true! we firmly believe/love what you said, like you preachin to us at church! '
To keep your hos in line you need a strong pimp hand. chuch.
by jdog June 28, 2004
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the word chuch was not made up by snoop. but when he says it he means peace,later,chunk tha duece bye word came from a european queen Kathrine III
I'm gonna go holla at these beeaatches chuch
by j-man July 28, 2003
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Chuch (a noun) is someone who cries when they masturbate. Chuch is used as an insult.
ex. Geoff your a chuch, fuck off.
by stellar3 June 28, 2007
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