A person who doesn't really fall in love and who ever is the girl that makes him fall she must be the most amazing girl ever. One that he'll never want to let go of
by MentadoToez August 7, 2015
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A wonderful boy who if your able to meet will brighten up ur life. He's cute,funny and a supportive friend.
That's Fernando for you
by Replay June 28, 2014
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Fernando might not be the tallest man around but he has a big heart and a wonderful sense of humor he seems mean and shy at first but he’ll slowly open up and maybe you’ll start falling for him
Girl:Who is that short guy he’s so funny and kinda cute.

Guy: oh that’s Fernando if you want you’ll have to get to know him first.
by Lovelygirl7 July 29, 2018
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That one spanish kid in your class that's really smart, but somehow, pretty funny.
Friend 1: Wow, Fernando made a really funny joke in 5th period today!
Friend 2: And he's super hot.
by FancyL February 3, 2015
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A Fernando is a high social guy who is very, very sexy. A Fernando is usually known for his nice looking, dark hair and his amazing personality. He is very cool and popular at school and is known as "the Mexican" which means he is the coolest Mexican at school. A Fernando also steals your girl without her realizing it. Due to his sexiness he can get any girl because of his charms... he is a magnet!
girl 1: OMG!!!I met this hot guy and I want him more than my boyfriend

girl 2: it was definitely a fernando
by thecoolguy28 February 23, 2013
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He’s the best person you’ll ever meet.He will always be there for you.He’s very kind and respectful.He has a positive attitude and keeps his head held high.He has very funny sense of humor he’s hilarious.He’s one of a kind and you should keep him forever.You will never regret meeting him. He will brighten up your life and make it cheerful and awesome.He’s very,very handsome.
Fernando is kind at heart
by yassssss_queen September 2, 2019
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Someone who is completely and utterly astounding who while extremely modest about it packs an enormous cock that will make you gasp and choke but you love it, and his body is fucking amazing, he silently puts up with your shit, but if you wrong him or anyone he truly cares for watch your back and front because he will completely destroy you.
Did you hear what Fernando did to that man?" "No" "He broke both his legs and gave him brain damage..." "Why?!" "He threatened his girlfriend Jenna" "Oooh that explains it..
by RightGuy July 15, 2011
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