The growth of hair forming on your back. Which can become massively dark and black on some peoples back. which in that case you make fun of them because it is fucking keif and disgusting and should be waxed. Most of these people who need their backs waxed are oblivious to the fact although their friends point it out constantly. Other people just decide to keep it for random reasons, some even use it as an alternative of love handles during sex. In which case they are dirty keif bitches who need to realise body hair is DISGUSTING! Other people have a tendency to make fun of these people and spread rumors about them faster than their back hair can grow. good ways of getting rid of back hair is a. Shaving it b. waxing it, or c. nairing it
a) Kelseys back hair is getting thicker than my public hair.
b)Her back hair is so long i could braid it.
c)my mom even agrees that back hair is keif and it should be waxed.
by Jeanne A May 28, 2005
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1.someone who has gross patches of hair on their back.
2.patches of hair on someones back that no wax job could get rid of.
3.not what you would want to feel on your lover's back.
Look at him, he thinks he looks good,too bad he has a rug on his back.
eewwww look at that, he has a serious case of hair back.
by hahahehehahaha July 22, 2005
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The act to blow your hair back is to give your self an "O". You can also blow somone else's hair back.
"Hey im going down stair to blow my hair back, I have not got any in a while. "
by Ablanda Shitpony December 28, 2011
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an example of how humanity has failed.
formerly a song by Willow Smith.
"omg have you heard that song?"
"which one?"
by kkcarollz October 19, 2010
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You don't care what people say because of the sheer power your hair has against your foes. Haters gonna hate but they can get a real good whipping by your hair or make things feel less boring in your life! Willow makes a perfect example of this by painting people's clothes and walls and making everything less boring in the her school.
Willow's special ability whip my hair back and forth can kill Chuck Norris's beard
by Kudoesz October 24, 2010
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People are diverse and their preferences are correspondingly diverse. Some might like sports cars and watches or other tech gadgets etc.
Bill: Hey, did see that new Seiko 5 watch that came out yesterday?
Rudolph: No, I'm not a fan of watches.
Bill: Dude, it's one of the best entry watches right now. I'm definitely getting one.
Rudolph: Whatever blows your hair back, dude. Like I told you, I'm not a fan of watches.
by liprox May 14, 2022
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