hairy man is jimmy yes also known as my squishy
jimbo is not only my pyro hes also my hairy man lol
by PYROS EMMA October 21, 2004
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Its what you get when you jizz all over a woman's vajina and the pubic hair gets stuck together with the sperm
After we fucked, she washed her hairy-man salsanoun.
by Chase Zarate May 8, 2009
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Its what you get when you jizz all over her vagina and her pubic hairs get stuck together
1)I wasn't gonna eat her hairy man salsa.
2)She washed her hairy man salsa after we fucked
3)I put some hairy man salsa on her taco
by ChaseZarate May 8, 2009
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Elia V.

A child of many mysteries, a phenomenon, may have come from Area 51
Oh my god, Elia, the homeless hairy man baby is coming!!
by uncookedgarbanzobean9 July 28, 2019
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Hairy Hat Man- a term for a very hairy vagina.

Hairy Hat Man- is also the character from alphabet land who resembles the letter H, a very hairy character who has a beard, a piece of straw hanging out of his mouth and a farmers hat.
I'm away to shear down my Hairy Hat Man
by noodles2011-- January 17, 2011
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A Hairy Bean Man - HBM for short - is a term used to describe a certain type of laid back, crunchy, shaggy hippie guy. They are generally short - under 6" tall - skinny, guys with dark brown hair and dark brown eyes who abide like the Dude and toke up like Tommy Chong.

Hair⋅y (Pronunciation hair-ee, adjective) is derived from the usual bearded, shaggy and/or Mountain Man-esque appearance of the HBM.

Bean (Pronunciation been, noun) comes from the traditional diet of the HBM, which is usually vegetarian or at least as crunchy as they are. As hippies, many HBMs are also vegetarians, and must get their protein from sources other than meat, i.e. beans.

Man (noun) : obvious reasons.

-being eco friendly (or at least appearing to be)
-being a registered democrat (or in some extreme cases, supporting Ralph Nader)
- smelling like patchouli oil
- smoking copious amounts of marijuana
- being an environmental science and/or philosophy major
- attending colleges in Vermont or Colorado
- listening to jambands/attending music festivals
- wearing patchwork clothing/Birkenstocks
- hating the man/organized religion
- referring to jamband members by their first name ("oh my god dude, did you see Trey's set last night?")
- driving a jetta

Hairy Bean Men HBM LOOK LIKE:
- Ray LaMontagne
- Billy Crudup (ala almost famous)
- Devendra Banhart
- Jesus
"I met a really cool Hairy Bean Man HBM on Shakedown at the UC-Boulder Phish show this weekend! His HBM friends were all kinda spun out and needed to shave/take a bath, but he was still mad cool and smoked us all up."
by magnesiumonthree November 9, 2009
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