Not to be confused with someone who simply plays the guitar, a true guitarist is someone who looks at their instrument as though it were a paintbrush preloaded with every color imaginable and then some, waiting to spill onto the canvas known as sound in an array of both erratic and delicate displays. These displays differ depending on the guitarist's motivation and state of mind, as well as their life experiences and musical inspirations.

Guitarists often feel a connection to their instrument in the way that it is an extension of their self; many relate this connection to an energetic flow, as the sounds which emerge from both their efforts and their instrument combined seemingly flow from the tips of their fingers like energy all the way into their veins, connecting them to life itself in an obscure way many find hard to explain to non-guitarists, but understand and relate to instinctively with those of their own kind.

Despite popular belief or bias, not all guitarists are technically brilliant, but the sounds they produce are always full of emotion and most importantly, honesty. The way to tell if someone is a guitarist is their ability to tell a story through their playing in a style that is distinctly their own.
*All examples would be open to debate and personal opinion, thus I'll leave it up to your own interpretation to decide who in your mind is someone you recognize as a guitarist in these terms.
by itsashineeworld February 17, 2011
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One who plays the guitar... well. No one cares enough to call you a guitarist if you suck, they'll just say that you play the guitar. You have to have some sort of skill level to be adressed as a guitarist.
Eddie Van Halen, Yngwie Malmsteen, Slash, Randy Rhodes, Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Kirk Hammett, George Lynch, and Ted Nugent. THOSE are guitarists.
by REDWHITEnCrue25 August 20, 2005
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"So, how did your date go last night?"

"Oh my God! It was amazing, he was a guitarist, if you know what I mean... ;)"

*Spontaneously orgasms"
by BCJLandslide January 6, 2014
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someone who plays guitar for pleasure of performance not to be confused with people who play guitar hero, think their good and decide to get a £60 inclusive guitar and amp from a pathetic shop. guitarist's are normally pretty chill and hate drummers coz they wont stop drumming while your trying to lay down a sexy riff. good guitarist - need be just one HENDRIX
idiot: wow im really good at guitar hero i might start playing actual guitar

actual guitarist: go away you dick. its 6 strings and 126 notes not 5 fucking buttons...foole
by an actual guitarist March 4, 2010
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A guitarist is a pesron who has a certain background of playing the (guitar). In most bands guitarist are the arrogant ones along with the lead singers. Guitarists are one with there instruments. The are the soul of music and its passion today.

I am a guitarist. I play the guitar; I play the Epiphone Les Paul Standard

See, (Jimmi Hendrix), (Pete Townshead), (Jimmi Page), (B.B King), (Eric Clapton) and more
by Ben22 October 27, 2005
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Someone like who can play acoustic and electric guitar with speed, precision and power.
Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray, John Mayer or self taught guitarist Brandon Jarod.
by Zspock September 6, 2012
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