The situation a couple faces when their pubic hair gets wound together during intercourse, forcing them to be Siamese twins for at least a year.
Cameron: Why are those queers walking together attached at the crotch?

Brett: Looks like the hairy type. Must have had some velcro action after the first slam.
by brett71011 November 12, 2018
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The bro-love inspired intimate act of two males scouring one anothers well developed beards together. To be used in place of: Handshaking, High fiving, or cuddling after sex.
"Nice job down there bro! Come give me some Velcro!!"
by 2 Dorks and a Dog May 7, 2011
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(noun) The interlocking of arm hair that occurs when two males are walking, standing or sitting in uncomfortable proximity to one another while wearing short sleeves.
"Dude, you're giving me Velcro, back off a little!"

"I feel something tickling my arm.... oh shit, it's Velcro"
by Jeet Singh October 22, 2006
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When your beard sticks to a shaved minge during the act of foreplay.
Hey Steve , I went down on my girlfriend last night, and my beard stuck to her fanny like velcro.

Fanny minge sex
by Fanny Licker 69 April 20, 2016
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The act of placing your nuts inside a the mouth of a man packing a well developed beard. The contrast between your nut hairs and his beard creates a velcro effect as your nut hair get lost in his face ones.
Hey Matt, why don't you Velcro me? You round hairy man!
by CallMeCinnamonOrFridayNight April 20, 2017
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A guys under an acceptable dating age. The opposite of a cougar.
I try to stop Kim from making out with Velcros at the bar down the shore, but she can't keep her hands off younger men.

Kim thought he had perfect eyesight. She didn't realize 2020 was his graduating year. She fell for a velcro.
by Steam shower willow July 4, 2017
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Person: hey what sexual preference are you?

Girl: Dude, I am so Velcro.
by Jordiee February 24, 2008
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