Very High Frequnecy:
radio transmissions in between 29.7 and 300 MHz
if you're an engineer (or, God help us, an electrical engineer) its really 30 to 300, but the FCC allocates frequencie above 29.71 MHz to land mobile services.
The Police frequency of 158.9850 MHz is in the VHF bnad
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1) The Very High Frequency communcations band from 26.985 to 174 MHz or 30 to 300 MHz, the most popular local (less then 200 mile range) communication band

2) the VHF-AM civilian aircraft communcation band 118 to 137 MHz
see UHF
"Roger, we got you on VHF 122.9"
by IrishRepublicanArmy October 13, 2003
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12 channels, 6 MHz wide each, in two ranges between 55.25 and 89.25 MHz (channels 2-6) and 175.25 to 217.25 (channels 7-13). used for carrying analog television signals
you can always get channel 6 on the radio because VHF 6 overlaps with the FM band
by Random832 November 2, 2003
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You guys are all wrong! It's "Virtual High Five", used when two people online "high five" eachother throught the internet. Invented by Clara and Chloe, two geniuses who also invented "VBF".
Me too! VHF!
by DcommaChloe October 3, 2010
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Stands for Virtual Hormone Flow, an event that occurs when someone feels they have bested another of the same sex. The "winner's" level of testosterone or estradiol then spikes up, while the "loser's" level becomes suppressed. This results in a virtual hormone flow from one person to another, from the loser to the winner.
When the Canadian Men's Olympic hockey team scored the overtime goal against the Americans, an enormous VHF went to Canada from the US.

That smirking bitch thinks she's getting a VHF off me, but I really couldn't give a damn.
by Tiaran MacLosoff March 10, 2010
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as refering to the range of frequencies in the VHF range that are lower then conventional VHF frequencies, but are still not HF channels.


30.0000 to 30.5500 U.S. MILITARY
30.5800 to 31.9800 PARK SERVICE
32.0000 to 33.0000 U.S. MILITARY
33.0200 to 33.1000 HIGHWAY SERVICE
33.1200 to 33.4000 BUSINESS RADIO
33.4200 to 33.9800 FIRE DEPARTMENTS
34.0000 to 35.0000 U.S. MILITARY
35.0200 to 35.6800 PAGERS
35.7000 to 35.9800 BUSINESS RADIO
36.0000 to 37.0000 U.S. MILITARY
37.0200 to 37.4200 POLICE
37.4400 to 37.8800 BUSINESS RADIO
37.9000 to 37.9800 HIGHWAY SERVICE
38.0000 to 39.0000 U.S. MILITARY
39.0200 to 39.9800 POLICE
40.0000 to 42.0000 U.S. MILITARY
42.0200 to 42.9400 POLICE
42.9600 to 43.1800 BUSINESS RADIO
43.2000 to 43.6800 PAGERS
43.7000 to 44.6000 BUSINESS RADIO
44.6200 to 46.0400 POLICE AND PARK SERVICE
46.0600 to 46.5800 FIRE DEPARTMENTS
46.6000 to 47.0000 U.S. MILITARY
47.0200 to 47.4000 HIGHWAY SERVICE
47.4200 to 47.6600 EMERGENCY SERVICES
47.6800 to 49.5800 BUSINESS RADIO
49.6000 to 50.0000 U.S. MILITARY
50.0000 to 54.0000 HAM RADIO
42.42-California Highway Patrol
by IrishRepublicanArmy November 15, 2003
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