Military prank acronym for "Prick."
Guy 1: "Private, find me a PRC E7"
Guy 2 (goes to E7 sergeant): "Sergeant, I need a PRC E7"
Sergeant: "How about you do some pushups?!"
by Jakenator_KILL March 17, 2011
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Although it does stand for the People's Republic of China, PRC also stands for PRIDE RACK CITY. This is a well-known combination of the Lion King and Rack City, which results in epic friendships, lions, cash$$$, inappropriate music videos, and The Circle of Life.
Person 1: Why is PRC Pride Rack City instead of Pride Rock City?
Person 2: Because Rack City is obviously better!!!
by the K in RACK city November 29, 2013
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Short for Pre-Run Crap: the act of shitting as much as possible before a run to avoid the need to do so mid-run.

syn. Pre-Race Crap
Dude, James just shit himself! Poor bastard should've remembered the PRC.

Me: Man, that post run shit was VIOLENT.
Dustin: Good thing you remembered the PRC; you might not have made it back...
by JasonDB_355 August 23, 2006
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Point Reyes County, even thought Point Reyes is not a county; the h00d of point reyes.
"Me and my homies be chillin in PRC"
by chucklebrainz December 09, 2006
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