Code for psychedelic mushrooms, shrooms. 920 is for mushrooms what 420 is for weed. Also used as 9:20 (a time to take shrooms) and 9/20 (a whole day dedicated to shrooms.
This girl was 920 friendly so we went back to my place and tripped balllllls.
by numbero May 2, 2015
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Tripping, usually in reference to tripping on mushrooms.
Shane is gonna be 920 for at least the next 3 hours, he took 7 grams.
by dentro May 4, 2015
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by 920920 March 8, 2022
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920 is an area code, originally split from 414. The 414 at one point covered an entire third of Wisconsin. Until July 26, 1997, When the 414 was split into two creating the 920. The 920 is known for being able to out drink the rest of Wisconsin.
I'm from the 920 so Ill out drink you any-day.
by SCRANPECK March 11, 2019
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did you hear about charlie
no, he scored a 920 on his SAT's
wow what a retard.
by chuckles920 September 19, 2009
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US Military slang for "that's gay" which the US Military is no longer allowed to say. Commonly used to describe something in a negative manner. Also interchangeable with fucked up, FUBAR, stupid, and lame.
1. CPT: Sergeant, we need forty people to carry the general's luggage.

SGT: That is so 920

2. PVT #1: Dude! We have a GI Party tonight. And it's god damn Friday.

PVT #2: Man, Top is so 920.

3. LT: Sergeant, I want to talk to you about my feelings on the upcoming inspection.

SGT: Sir, quit being so 920 and man up
by slowdup December 7, 2011
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To make a change to something but the same results happen in a negative manner

I kept changing a computer program, but it stayed at 920 kilobytes.
by Paul Elling May 24, 2007
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